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One lakh 72 thousand stones came out of the kidneys!

Kidney stones have become a serious problem. This problem can occur in any of the men or women for various reasons. But the number of stones can be from hundreds to thousands! A rare incident that happened in Maharashtra, India.

A total of 1,72,155 stones were extracted from the kidneys of India’s Takaj Wadil, which was included in the Guinness World Records. The incident took place on December 6, 2009. The stones were in the left kidney of Prakaj Wadil.

Tykaj Wadil, 45, is a drink seller by profession. After six months of examination with severe pain in the lower abdomen, the doctor identified a stone in his kidney. His surgery saw numerous stones of large size. A total of 1 lakh 82 thousand 155 stones were removed from his kidney. The operation took 3 hours. The whole world is surprised at such a rare event.

Kidney stones are usually formed by the combination of calcium, phosphate, uric acid etc. in the body. Cystine and oxalate often accumulate in the blood due to abnormalities due to excessive accumulation of uric acid in daily diet. Tiny crystals gradually play a role in the formation of rocks. People who are less prone to drinking water are more at risk of crystallization of these substances.

Studies have shown that men have higher rates of kidney stones than women. Men over 40 years of age are at increased risk of developing gallstones, whereas women are more likely to develop them after the age of 50. However, anyone can have kidney or ureter stones at any time and those who have had stones once are at risk of recurrence.



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