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Ongoing conference: 24 instructions of DC to the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that the responsibility has increased as the country has reached Qatar, a developing country. Care should be taken to ensure that ordinary people are not harassed or deprived in any way to avail government services.

He made the remarks while inaugurating the much-awaited three-day Deputy Commissioners’ (DC) Conference on Tuesday (January 18th).

The Prime Minister has given 24-point instructions to the deputy commissioners to ensure the overall development of the country.

He said the country is constantly moving forward, will move forward. We urge you to focus on some of the major issues that you are facing.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the virtual conference as the chief guest through video conference from Ganobhaban in the morning. He thanked the cabinet department for being able to convene the DC conference after two years in the deadly virus situation.

Due to the new outbreak of Kovid-19, a conference has started at the Osmani Memorial Auditorium in the presence of 15 ministers and secretaries at the inaugural function.

A video documentary on services to ensure the welfare and work of the people in the implementation of all development plans of the government through field administration was shown at the event.

Calling on the people to remain steadfast on the path of truth and justice with the attitude of service, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave 24 point instructions to the DCs.

Here are the guidelines:

1. In order to deal with the corona virus crisis, all the guidelines issued by the government must be complied with at the field level.

2. The proper implementation and continuity of the development and service activities undertaken on the occasion of the birth centenary and Mujib Year of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman must be ensured.

3. Ensure implementation of various programs taken to ensure food security and keep market prices stable.

4. It is important to ensure that ordinary people in government offices get proper service without any hindrance within the stipulated time. Achieving the satisfaction of the service seekers should be the vow of the government employees.

5. Efforts need to be intensified to achieve the targets set by the SDGs.

. We need to ensure that the real helpless, destitute and disadvantaged marginalized people get access to all social security programs, including housing for the homeless and agricultural land acquisition for the landless.

. Must be proactive in improving the quality of teaching activities in educational institutions. In case of cowardice, alternative arrangements should be made to ensure that the teaching activities continue online or using digital medium. Special attention should be paid to the educational institutions in the relatively remote areas.

. Community Clinics and Union Health and Family Welfare Centers should be maintained, maintained and health awareness among the people should be increased through various programs.

9. For the physical and mental development of children and adolescents, it is necessary to ensure the practice of creativity, cultural activities and sports facilities for them in every area.

10. For the healthy living of the citizens, initiatives should be taken to preserve parks, playgrounds etc. in the districts and upazilas and to create new parks and playgrounds.

11. In order to take maximum advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in keeping pace with the changing world, it is necessary to build a skilled workforce with high technology knowledge.

12. We have to work to ensure safe use of information technology and internet among the public. Initiatives should be taken to prevent misuse of social media, rumors etc.

13. In order to preserve the religious harmony and non-communal heritage of Bangladesh, a strong stand must be taken against religious extremism and militancy.

14. In order to build a drug free society, the policy of ‘Zero Tolerance’ against drugs must be continued. Anti-drug campaigns need to be conducted regularly.

15. Appropriate legal action must be taken to stop violence, oppression and discrimination against women and children. Regular mobile courts should be set up to prevent child marriage, eve-teasing, adulteration of food, manufacture of counterfeit products etc.

16. Market surveillance activities need to be intensified to keep the supply of products in the market smooth, prevent artificial crisis and keep commodity prices normal.

16. Strict measures have to be taken to protect government lands, rivers, forests, hills and natural water bodies. Upward expansion of the building should be given priority in setting up new government institutions to ensure optimal use of land; To ensure planned urbanization and afforestation.

16. Special initiatives need to be taken for the development and maintenance of the tourism industry. New tourist centers have to be built.

19. The district should be proactive in preserving its own heritage and culture and in promoting and marketing the famous products of the district.

20. It is imperative to reach Qatar, a developed country by 2041, by properly coordinating the activities of all government departments in the district.

21. To be consistent with the elected representatives of district, upazila and union parishads, i.e. the members of parliament, the chairman of the upazila parishad, the chairman of the union parishad or the mayor of the municipality and the elected people’s representatives and whether the development plan Whether they need to be adjusted. Because we have to pay special attention so that the development project does not go everywhere.

22. The backward classes of the society including Vedas, fishermen, farmers, hijras, harijans, cleaners who are absolutely the backward classes of the society, their overall development, their accommodation and all kinds of facilities must be created.

23. In the areas where genocide took place during the war of liberation, it is necessary to know the present condition of the families and make arrangements for their proper dignified life.

24. Preservation of mass graves and identification of battlefields should be done and history should be made public.

Sheikh Hasina said when taking projects from different ministries, they should be taken properly and subject to necessity.

There are elected representatives in Zila Parishad, Upazila Parishad, Union Parishad everywhere. They have some promises to the people. These promises must be implemented. But I must say that it is necessary to take such a plan considering whether the promises are actually appropriate or not, he said.

Minister for Liberation War Affairs AQM Mozammel Haque addressed the inaugural function at Osmani Memorial Auditorium and Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam delivered the welcome address. Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister Ahmed Kaikaus addressed a video conference from Ganobhaban.

Khulna Divisional Commissioner spoke on behalf of the Divisional Commissioners. Ismail Hossain, Deputy Commissioner of Chandpur District Anjana Khan Maslish and Rangpur Deputy Commissioner spoke on behalf of the Deputy Commissioner. Asib Ahsan. Formula boss.



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