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Organized by BRAC University Business Club Keycension 2.0

After the success of last year, BRAC University Business Club-Biz B organized CaseSession for the second time, CaseSession 2.0.
This international inter-university case competition was a golden opportunity for university students from different countries to prove themselves on the international platform through their talents and intelligence. BASAC University Business Club announced the end of the event by organizing the final round on January 1, 2022, successfully ending the two episodes with the slogan ‘Glory Awaits’, promising to reach new heights of success like last year.

Divided into three stages, the competition consisted of ‘Timing the Tides’, ‘Whiplash’ and the third stage ‘The Ultimate Casein’ which will be held on January 1 next year. At each stage of the competition the teams were thrown into tough challenges through which a number of talented participants emerged.

In a short period of time, each team has had to prove itself at every step with the help of sharp intelligence and technical skills. The activities of the contestants were supervised by the experts of various corporate organizations. Notable among them are Ghalib Bin Mohammad (Head of Marketing-Arla Foods Bangladesh), Mohammad Zia Uddin (Cluster Head of Supply-Reckitt) and Ashraf-ul-Bari (EVP and Head of Brand-Bikash Limited). BRAC University Registrar was also a special guest at the event. Dave Doland.

Throughout the competition the teams were tested based on their analytical ability, punctuality, challenge handling skills and creativity. The teams of Cassation have proved their worth as winners in each episode and have left a mark of individuality.

This year’s event started on October 24 last year. Participating in the first and second rounds on November 24 and 29, respectively, the finals were held on January 1, 2022. Team Digital from North South University, Threat Level Midnight from Jahangirnagar University IBA, Azar Ahai from Army IBA, Military Institute of Science and Technology And Zero Squad from Rajshahi University.
The much awaited grand finale will be held on January 1, 2022 at the Hotel Grace Twenty One Smart Hotel and at the same time the results of the competition will be announced. The winners will be awarded Rs 1.5 lakh, Rs 1 lakh and Rs 50,000 respectively.

Competitors from different countries have played a key role in enlivening the competition. This international case competition will add a special dimension to the success of BRAC University Business Club (BISB) and, above all, BRAC University. Ispahani Limited was the sponsor of this successful and exciting competition.



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