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Ronaldo’s salary is being reduced by ManU!

Even a staunch critic of Cristiano Ronaldo might be a little disappointed with the current state of the world’s best footballer. After leaving Real, Juventus turned around and settled down in the old house again hoping for something better. The dream was shown to the supporters of Old Trafford.

But the current state of Manchester United seems to have changed everything. In the meantime, there are rumors that Ronaldo will have to be expelled from the team to return to Manchester United in a glorious time.

Meanwhile, anyone can say that CR7 itself is not very relieved. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan-based media ‘MSc Football’ has given a new news. According to their report, Ronaldo’s salary could be cut by at least 25 per cent if the club’s expectations in the Champions League are not met. In addition, the English Premier League at the end of the season in the top four, but there is a misfortune!

The Portuguese superstar left the club in Turin to join the Red Devils. However, the 37-year-old Ronaldo is the highest paid player in the English club.

At Juventus he was paid 500,000 lakh a week. The figure is 26 million pounds a year. It was initially reported that Ronaldo would receive a salary of 460,000 lakha week at the English club. But according to the Daily Mail, the figure is actually লাখ 375,000 a week. Which is about 4 crore 51 lakh Bangladeshi rupees. As such, you will get 2 crore 20 thousand pounds a year. Which is about 234 crore 84 lakh in Bangladeshi currency.
Ronaldo’s salary, bonuses, endorsements, business transactions and all other sources of income combined with the amount of total wealth is eye-popping! About 500 million. His total wealth is considered to be more than that of Argentine star Lionel Messi. Although Messi has seen the face of all the interesting deals for most of his career.

Ronaldo was ranked third on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest paid athletes in 2021. His combined income was 120 ​​million (৮৭ 8 million). Of this, 50 million (৬ 38 million) was earned through business.



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