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Search for missing aircraft during World War II

A missing plane has been found six years after World War II.
The plane crashed in a remote Himalayan region of India, killing all on board. An investigation team has identified the crashed plane.

Three guides who took part in the campaign died. In the first week of 1945, a C-47 transport plane carrying 13 passengers from Kunming in southern China went missing in a storm in the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh.

Clayton Kuhles, a U.S. explorer who led the search, said there had been no further reports of the plane’s disappearance. It has just disappeared.

They launched the search at the request of the child of one of the unfortunate passengers on the plane. With a team of guides from the local Lisu tribe, they had to cross the ice-cold river at knee-deep water and camp in the freezing temperatures of the mountains.

Three project guides died of hypothermia at an early stage during a snowstorm last September. The team finally reached a snow-capped mountain peak last month.

The wreckage has been identified by looking at the wreckage of the plane where it crashed. No human remains were found in the wreckage.

Bill Sherra assigned Kuhles to investigate. Sherry’s officer father was a passenger on the plane. “I’m glad I just found out where he is,” Sherra said in an e-mail from New York. It is sad but still joyful.



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