Home Entertainment Sohan, the producer, is sleeping forever next to his wife’s grave

Sohan, the producer, is sleeping forever next to his wife’s grave

Sohan, the producer, is sleeping forever next to his wife's grave

Famous director Sohanur Rahman Sohan was laid to rest next to his wife’s grave.

On Thursday (September 14) morning, Sohan’s body was taken to his in-laws’ Palashtali area of Tangail town. Relatives and locals flocked there to have a last look at him.

In this regard, Mamun, a relative of director Sohanur Rahman Sohan, said that his wife and him (Sohanur Rahman) wanted to be buried together after their death. He was buried next to his wife’s grave in the Tangail Central Cemetery after the Janaza at Tangail Old Bus Stand Jame Masjid at 9 am.

Earlier on Tuesday (September 11) night, his wife Priya Rahman died of a brain stroke in a private hospital in the capital. One day after this, Sohanur Rahman Sohan breathed his last on Wednesday (September 12) around 6 pm.

Meanwhile, the relatives of the deceased and the local residents are in mourning as two people died within a day.

Sohanur Rahman Sohan is the maker of many successful films. His first film directed was ‘Beeswat Abiswat’. Salman Shah, Moushumi, Poppy and Erin Zaman came to the film by the hand of this producer. He was also the director of Shakib Khan’s first movie.

Sohanur Rahman Sohan’s notable films are: ‘Belief and Belief’, ‘Qayamat to Qayamat’, ‘Amar Ghar Amar Behesht’, ‘Amar Desh Amar Prem’, ‘Anant Bholas’.

Sohanur Rahman Sohan served as Secretary General and Vice President twice in Bangladesh Film Directors Association.

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