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Some of NASA’s space missions

Space exploration is an attempt to learn about space using astronomy and space technology.

In ancient times, astronomers searched for space with the help of telescopes. But those studies failed to give a completely logical idea. But in today’s world there are some space research institutes like NASA which is getting richer and richer with the knowledge of space.

NASA, a US private space research organization whose full form is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It is headquartered in Washington DC, USA. In 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The company’s journey began with Eisenhower. On October 1, 1958, NASA officially began operations. From the beginning of its journey, NASA has been enriching the human world by constantly giving people new information about space and increasing the scope of human knowledge towards space.

Since its inception, NASA has led major space exploration in the United States, including the Apollo Moon landing mission, the Skylab space station, and the space shuttle mission. In 1982, NASA launched the space shuttle program, which lasted until 2011.

The biggest achievement in NASA space research is sending people to the moon. July 20, 1989, the first human footprint on a planet other than Earth.

In 1997, NASA started a study on Saturn. The mission was called the Cassini mission and NASA research on Saturn found some of the most breathtaking images of the solar system. And on that journey, NASA collected a lot of information about the moon and Saturn.

The most far-reaching discovery of the solar system was Pluto. In 2015, after a nine-year journey, NASA’s robotic New Horizons probe intersected Pluto’s orbit, and that study also provided mankind with much more unknown information.

In 2012, NASA spacecraft arrived on Mars. And NASA’s research on Mars is still going on. Scientists are carrying out various researches starting from finding the existence of life on Mars.

The International Space Station is a joint venture between NASA, Roscosmos, Jaxa, ESA and CSA. This man-made station in Earth orbit has played a unique role in space exploration. The station started functioning in 2000. The move is truly unforgettable for astronauts’ research, and for conducting experiments in space.

These contributions of NASA in space research are increasing the interest of people to know about space day by day. And NASA is repeatedly changing the idea of ​​how much we know about this huge solar system.



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