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Steps that can be taken to avoid winter fires

Winter is on. The incidence of fires in the country increases at this time of the year due to various reasons including dry weather, causing a lot of damage. Occasionally there are fatalities. But with a little care, fire accidents can be reduced or avoided.

Therefore, the eminent urban planner of Bangladesh and Professor of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET) Dr. suggested what steps can be taken to avoid fires in winter. Sarwar Jahan.

He said there could be many reasons for the fire. There is a reason for the weather in winter. At this time the weather becomes a little dry. On the other hand, it feels wet in the rainy season. As a result, dry weather can be a factor in a fire. However, this is not true – the fire starts in winter. One of the reasons for the fire is that we have several types of buildings here. Raw, semi-ripe and ripe. In general, raw structures are more likely to catch fire. Tends to ripen comparatively less.

However, what happens in pucca structures is that in fact we do not have much fire protection system. As can be seen, smoke detectors cannot be found in any building. Moreover, a safety major is not taken even where the power line is drawn. As a result, short circuits are often seen. It is said that electrical connections and wiring work are done very unplanned. Due to these reasons, it is seen that the fire starts from the electrical short circuit. As a result, it can be clearly said that there are two main reasons for the fire in the pucca building. Short circuit and fire protection. As a result of unplanned construction of the building, it is not possible to enter the fire service vehicles and equipment in case of fire.

Accordingly, there is a question of raising public awareness to prevent fires. Many may not understand why fire can start. Many are not aware of this. Markets in particular grow unplanned in most cases. Moreover, there is a lack of awareness among many about how to take the electricity connection, how to do the wiring. In addition to public awareness, I mentioned the issue of fire detectors – if it is in the building, even if there is a fire, it is possible to extinguish it very quickly.

He said there also needs to be monitoring. The government has a big role to play in this. For example, RAJUK allows every building in the capital Dhaka. Permission for all matters including plan has to be taken from RAJUK. As a result, there is a responsibility of the authorities to consider and monitor the fire. Therefore, public awareness and monitoring of the authorities is absolutely necessary. In addition, every building should have fire protection system.

After the fire at the NDCC market in Gulshan, questions have been raised about the services and qualifications of the Bangladesh Fire Service. In that regard, he said, “I will not say that the fire fighting system in our country is not very effective.” But at the same time I will say that its effectiveness is very low. In this sense, there are no locations designed to make the fire service system effective. I mean, where would the fire service system be? How much area will be under their income? How to go – these things. Such locations should be fixed by various researches.

Before that Bangladesh was once full of ponds. There was a pond or water system on the side of any road. If there was a fire in any place then water could be obtained from any place. But at present he does not have the system. As a result water has to be provided. In addition, there should be arrangements for quick access to water in market and residential building areas. But in the current reality, there is no such system, said Sarwar Jahan.

He also said that the number of firefighters in the country is not enough to use them properly, adding that it is not known how to put out fires in big cities or multi-steroid buildings. There is a lack of training for firefighters. At the same time there is a lack of equipment. Moreover, there is no proper study or planning on how many fire service stations are needed for millions of people and where they will be located. As a result, there is a lack of planning, training and equipment. As a result, if the capacity building is not built, if the location planning is not done and if the water is not provided then the situation does not seem to improve much.

He also advised the government to increase or increase the fire fighting capacity. Sarwar Jahan. “My advice is to gather knowledge,” he said. Each city is different. Some are big cities, some are medium and some are small. Research is also being done on these cities. However, the government should study these issues thoroughly and find out what action should be taken in which places, in which places and why there is more fire. Then he has to take action accordingly. If a proper policy is not followed then very good results will not be obtained in this regard.

The sabotage behind the fire may be a reason, he said. Sarwar. He said it was often heard that fires broke out in many slums to evict them. There are also allegations that the market has been set on fire for eviction. These need to be properly investigated. However, the allegation cannot be dismissed. Because a lot of sabotage has happened. In this case, we have a weakness. We are still not able to use the modern technology to determine whether a fire is a sabotage or not. There are various ways to determine if a fire is caused by sabotage or something else. They also need to know.



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