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Strange idea about the mirror

A mirror is a smooth surface where the reflection of any light is reflected. The mirror is an object that has fascinated people forever. Which is an integral part of our daily lives.

The mirror is surrounded by various mysteries, myths and superstitions. Somewhere this object is a symbol of good luck, somewhere again it is a symbol of bad luck. There is no end to the myths and legends about the mirror in different parts of the world.

In 1835, Justin von Liebik invented a method of coating tin and mercury on one side of transparent glass. From then onwards, when the mirror started to come within the reach of everyone, the circulation of the mirror became more widespread.

It is known that in ancient Rome, religious leaders used mirrors to describe the past, present and future. The ancient Romans believed that every human being is born seven times. So if an old mirror in the house breaks for any reason, the next seven years will not cut its misfortune. On the other hand, breaking the mirror in Pakistan was not considered as bad luck but as a sign of good luck.

One of the mysteries surrounding the mirror is that the followers of the Greek god Zeus used to cover everything in the house when someone died. They believed that the Holy Spirit could be kept in a mirror from a dead body and that once captured, that spirit could never go to the afterlife.

Another amazing myth about mirrors is that anyone can hallucinate themselves with a mirror. Hold a candle in your hand and hold it in such a way that the light falls on your face, then stand at a distance of one meter from the mirror and stare for ten minutes at a time to get hallucinated.

There is also a mirror in the German Snow White myth that can speak. That mirror always spoke the truth. People in the Lore region of Bavaria, Germany, believed that the mirror always spoke the truth.

In ancient China, mirrors were used to capture the celestial power of the moon. It is said that a Chinese magician succeeded by putting a mirror. About two thousand years ago today, in 25 AD, Emperor Qin Shi Huang of China claimed that he could read the real thoughts and feelings of the people by looking in the mirror.

However, in the midst of so many mysteries, the proper use of mirrors is known to reflect not only human reflection but also sound. These mirrors are called ‘acoustic mirrors’. Which was used in Britain during World War II to detect the sound waves of enemy aircraft.



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