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The bird that goes to the moon, sleeps in the water

Ababil is a mysterious bird. The English name of this bird is Swallow. In Europe, the bird is known as Bern Swallow. However, according to the species, their behavior is quite different.

Many species of Ababil nest in tree hollows, granaries, stables etc. In general, they love to be near wetlands. This migratory bird is also found in Europe and America. When winter sets in, they travel long distances to warm regions. However, in tropical regions such as West and South Africa, the abalonera is born.

Migratory ababil birds are also seen in Bangladesh in winter. They are seen hunting small insects while flying over canals, haors, reservoirs or crop fields. It is customary for these birds to never land. And these birds love to fly a lot. Migratory birds return to their nests at the end of winter each year.

This bird is also mentioned in Surah Fil of Holy Quran. In 570 AD, Abrahah, the ruler of Yemen around Mecca, built a religious site similar to the Kaaba in his capital Sana’a. Abrahah’s wish was to revolve the prayers of the world around Sana instead of Mecca.

But religious people can never think of leaving the Kaaba. So the angry Abrahah decided to tear down the Kaaba. His army marched towards Kaaba with 9-13 big elephants. But after going some distance, the elephants do not move forward. And the hailstones began to fall on them like rain. And the sky is filled with flocks of birds. They were throwing these stones. This is how a large bird named Ababil gets stuck in the shape of a large creature.

Charles Morton, an English educator in the 180’s, also claimed that the Ababil bird went to the moon in winter. Because the Ababils did not meet then, but at that time no one had any idea about where they were going.

Morton searched for the birds but could not find them. It was from this idea that he gave the theory that birds go to the moon.

Because of his love for water, various stories can be heard about Ababil even around rivers and lakes. Folklore has it that the Ababil bird spends the night in the lake. Many also claim to have seen birds rising from the bottom of the river. According to a writer named Samuel Johnson, Swallow or Ababil must have slept all winter, but it was at the bottom of the river.



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