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The main gate of BUET turned into a garbage dump

From the road in front of the educational institution to the market and even the main road, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) has become a garbage dump everywhere. Waste is being dumped wherever it pleases without heeding the rules and regulations.

Ordinary people have suffered in this. The city corporation said the crisis would end in the next two months.

BUET, the best university in the world of engineering, received the award at the institutional level last year in the category of Environmental Research and Technology Innovation. But seeing the condition of the front gate of that university, one’s eyes will rise on one’s forehead. Waste is being dumped in front of the campus as there is no specific place. Starting from the main gate, the road has turned into a garbage dump.

A cleaner working in front of the BUET gate said, “We are told to bring dirt here, we do that.” I follow the instructions of the officers.

One student said, “We used to call our campus eco-friendly, but now I am ashamed to ask anyone to come to this environment.” People used to come to see our campus. The inner environment is one and the outer environment is a matter of shame for us.

Meanwhile, the dustbin that has been open at the three ends of Biswaroad in front of Malibagh Bazaar in the capital for the last few years has now spread across the area. Occupying the entire area of ​​half a kilometer of garbage. Where it is difficult to walk on the sidewalk. Ordinary people complain that urban development agencies are not removing dirt on time.

This image of dirt on the streets of Malibagh is now spread all over the area. Surprisingly, waste is being dumped on the main road with a designated place for dumping garbage built at a cost of crores of rupees.

Pedestrians say that the whole road (Biswaroad) has become a garbage dump, during this time many people have difficulty in breathing, if they walk on this road, it will get worse. People come and go with their noses. There are more problems during the rainy season.

City Corporation cleaners say the pressure of the garbage is too much, we are so few people, we can’t handle it.

Corporation officials say the transport driver has been in crisis since the student was killed in a collision with a garbage truck. The crisis will be resolved soon after the process of hiring 33 new drivers is completed.

Abdul Motalib, Additional Chief Waste Officer, Dhaka South City Corporation, said: Due to which the number of drivers has come down to less than half. But the waste has not decreased, we are dealing with difficult times.

According to the City Corporation, in order to keep the city clean and tidy, the initiative has been taken to construct secondary transfer stations-STS at 65 places in the southern city, of which 50 have been completed.



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