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The world’s most talked about comet ‘Halley’s Comet’

Occasionally a kind of astronomy appears in space. I was talking about the comet, which many have heard and some have seen. But many may not know what a comet is, how it is made, and when it is seen on Earth.

A comet is a cosmic object made of dust, ice and gas. This object is basically a small part of the solar system, which revolves around the center of the sun. When it comes close to the sun, it looks like a long line of light on one side, this light is called tail or broom. The closer a comet is to the Sun, the more likely it is to form a tail. This tail is formed by the evaporation of water, carbon dioxide and some other compounds.

According to NASA, the number of comets in space is 3,843. The period of rotation of a transient comet is less than 200 years, and that of a long-lived comet is more than 200 years. Halley’s Comet is the most talked about comet in the world. It is called space because it takes less than 200 years to orbit the sun once. It is known that people saw this comet thousands of years ago. Observers from Babylon, China, and Europe then recorded Halley’s comet, documenting it. Sometimes it is portrayed as bad for the loser and sometimes as good for the winner. For example, King Harold II of England was defeated at the Battle of Hastings in 106, by William the Conqueror. As a result, the comet appears to Kankar as a sign of victory.

The English astronomer Edmund Haley was the first to calculate the time period of the comet’s orbit around the Sun. The comet is named after him. The tail of Halley’s comet can be up to 100,000 kilometers long, but its nucleus is much smaller, about 15 kilometers in length, and 8 kilometers in width and thickness.

When it was last seen in 1967, scientists had the opportunity to observe it using spacecraft. In this way it is possible to verify a lot of old information and ideas as well as correct some misconceptions. As previously thought, the amount of melted ice is much higher. But this observation proves that the amount is much less. Every 65 years, comets can be seen with the naked eye from Earth. Haley’s comet will be seen again on July 26, 2061.



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