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Traditional horse races are held in Nawabganj

At the end of Poush, when winter is in full swing, a day-long horse race is held to preserve the tradition of rural Bengal. And people of all walks of life, from men and women to children and teenagers, come together to enjoy this competition. The playground has turned into a fair in the presence of thousands of spectators.

The playground is decorated with red and blue flags. Competitors show off their best techniques at the sound of horse hooves and blowing dust.

The traditional horse race was held on Thursday (January 13) in the presence of thousands of spectators at the Shalkuria Pachakaranji School ground in Nawabganj upazila near Hili in Dinajpur, organized by the local Awami Juba League.

In this competition, 23 horses from different parts of the country were divided into 3 groups and participated in the race. The contestants went ahead with the tug of war and the togbag sound of the horse’s feet. The locals are happy to see this horse racing game in rural Bengal.

Horse racers say they compete not only to win prizes, but also to preserve old traditions and entertain people.

Chairman of Shalkuria Union, Ataur Rahman, said that the event was organized on the occasion of New Year and for preserving the rural heritage as well as for the pure joy of the people.

“We look forward to seeing horses participating from different places, even from India, in the future,” he added.

Mominul Haque, the organizer of the game, said, “We hold this race every year.” Compared to that, it has been organized again today.

Rashedul Islam and Nantu came first and second respectively in the first group. In the second group, Zakaria is first and Sourav is second. In the third group the first is Mahabul and the second is Khattu.

Meanwhile, the shopkeepers have set up their stalls around the game. There is a fair of different sweets and pithapuli.



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