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Two pedestrians killed in bus collision, driver arrested

RAB arrests Rakib Sharif The information was sent to the media on Sunday (January 9) at noon, the RAB said.
He was apprehended from Wari in the capital on Saturday night after the accident.

According to the RAB, although Sharif has a light driving license, he does not have a valid license (professional) to drive a heavy motor vehicle. After working as a bus helper for about 6 years, he sat at the steering wheel. During the preliminary interrogation, Sharif admitted his involvement in the road accident.

According to the press release, Sharif used to drive at a competitive reckless pace to pay the daily contract rent to the car owner and increase the number of trips for the purpose of making more profit. He hit the pedestrians around 9:30 am yesterday as he could not control the vehicle while getting off the flyover due to high speed. Sheikh Farid (26) and (2) were injured in the incident. Badsha Mia (32) was rescued in critical condition and taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. There the doctors pronounced them dead. After the accident, Sharif left the bus and fled.

It further said that Sharif has been helping buses in Meghla Paribahan for 6 to 8 years. In addition to helping the bus, he received driving training. He later left the bus helper and asked the various owners of Meghla Paribahan to hire him as a driver to drive the car himself. But since he did not have a valid driving license, no owner allowed him to drive at the initial stage. Later, he started driving the cars of different owners of Meghla Paribahan temporarily through various lobbies.
In 2019, he got a light motor vehicle driving license (professional). He started driving heavy motor vehicles with a light motor vehicle driving license (professional).
Wari Police Station SI Rajib Chandra Sarkar said that the locals have been complaining about reckless driving at this junction of Hanif Flyover.

A bus named Meghla Paribahan was coming down from Mayor Hanif Flyover at Kaptan Bazar around 9:30 am on Saturday. Suddenly lost control and crushed two pedestrians. Two people died on the spot. Several people were injured. The injured said many were waiting to get on the bus at the pocket gate below the flyover. At that time, the bus of Meghla Paribahan suddenly crushed them while getting down from the flyover.



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