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We are not so stupid, what is the benefit of hiding the law: Law Minister

Law Minister Anisul Haque has said that the government is in no hurry to pass the Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioner appointment bill. He also said that some sections of the bill will be changed.
The minister made the remarks after a meeting of the Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs at the Parliament House on Monday (January 24). BNP MP Rumin Farhana, who took part in the meeting, said the law was meant to give legitimacy to the formation of past commissions.

The law minister raised the bill for the appointment of chief election commissioner and election commissioner for the first time in the parliament yesterday-Sunday. As per tradition, the bill is now on the table of the Standing Committee.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs held a meeting in Parliament before noon on Monday (January 24) after raising the bill the day before. The meeting was attended by law minister, barrister Rumin Farhana, Shamim Haider Patwari and other members of the committee.

The law minister spoke to reporters after the meeting. He said the government was in no hurry to pass the bill. He said that whenever the law was passed in the cabinet, it was immediately given on the website of the Legislative Department. And it is being discussed. I don’t understand what privacy is here, and we are not so stupid, what is the benefit to us by hiding this law.

Although special observation indicated that some sections of the law were changing, Anisul Haque did not elaborate on those sections. Said, some changes are coming which I will not say now. The reason is that the members of parliament have the first right to know it. When I raise it in the House, it will be decided what will be corrected.
Meanwhile, according to BNP MP Rumin Farhana, the law is being enacted to legitimize the formation of commissions in the past. He said that the search committee does not have independence here. In that place I have shed light, saying that I have objections to Rule 8 and 9. Today there is a saying that Awami League does not give indemnity, Awami League gives indemnity.

However, according to the chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, the autonomous and professional clause may be added to the qualifications of a potential election commissioner.

After the meeting, Shahiduzzaman Sarkar, chairman of the parliamentary committee, told reporters, “The committee has discussed the details and finalized the report.” We have made some changes in the place of qualifications and disqualifications. That is how the report will be given in the parliament. ‘

According to parliamentary sources, the standing committee’s monitoring report is expected to be presented to the session within seven days. After that the application to pass it will be informed by the Ministry of Law.



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