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What do we mean by hybrid car?

If someone wants to buy a car, the first thing that comes to mind is brand new or reconditioned? Hybrid or non-hybrid? However, as the world is leaning towards hybrid cars, today’s report highlights the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars.

Hybrid means a mixture of two things. Hybrid vehicles are vehicles powered by a combination of electricity and fuel oil. These cars use batteries as primary power and fuel oil as secondary power. The two power vehicles change automatically according to the need.

A sophisticated device called Power Control Unit or PCU does all this work. For this the driver does not have to press any separate switch. The waste of fuel oil in ordinary cars is converted into electrical energy in hybrid cars.

On the other hand, we know that conventional cars are engine driven. That is, the energy received from the engine is transferred to the wheel. However, in modern times, there are many electric cars which turn the motor on the power of the battery and turn the wheel with it.

When these two types of technology are used together in the same car, it is called ‘hybrid’ car. This means that such a car has both engine and (battery powered) motor. Initially the car runs on engine power and at the same time the battery is charged. Reaching a certain speed (usually 40-60 km / h) requires very little power to drive the car due to inertia. At this stage in the hybrid car, the engine automatically shuts off and the motor starts. When the speed decreases again, the motor automatically stops and the engine starts running.

Thus they are called hybrid cars because they are capable of running on giant power of engine-motor based on speed and load.

Non-hybrid vehicles are converted to CNG or LPG to save fuel costs. Hybrid cars use batteries as an alternative power, so there is no problem in converting these cars. There is no competition to get gas standing in line. The cost of conversion is also saved. Just as automobile manufacturers make cars, engines are long lasting.

Engine oil, oil filters and air filters are also not used because the engine is off when running on hybrid car batteries. This increases the life of these parts. In non-hybrid vehicles these components have to be replaced at a distance of three thousand km, but in hybrid vehicles five to six thousand km can be used effortlessly.



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