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What to do quickly if you sneeze continuously

Colds and coughs increase when winter comes. someone is allergic to cold again. that’s why suddenly sneezing begins. since air pollution increases during winter, dust also goes up in the nose. so it is important to be a little careful about sneezing at this time.

there are many who don’t want to stop once they start sneezing. there may also be persistent sneezing for a brain disease. Usually, there is a problem with the medulla part of the brain and there is constant sneezing. symptoms of a type of epilepsy are persistent sneezing.sneezing can occur at the end of physical intercourse.
researchers believe that the parasympathetic nervous system that causes tension in our body is responsible for such sneezing.

The hair inside the nose acts like a broom. when we take air through the nose, the nose hair stalks and holds the substances like dust, flower molecules, metal particles, etc.
we sneeze when uncomfortable dust, flower renu, solder powder or any other ingredient enters the nose after crossing the nose
hair. sneezing can also occur from a swarm or strong smell. in fact, we sneeze only if anything in our nose creates tension or tickling inside our nose.

It is not clear what to do at such a time. but it can also stop sneezing in a few home remedies.
how can sneezing be

1) honey is very useful in stopping sneezing. even in the midst of a loud sneeze, a teaspoon of honey will stop immediately.

2) sneezing can stop when the smell of eucalyptus oil is nosey. if you have a tendency to sneeze, add 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil to the handkerchief. hold it in front of your nose for a while. the sneezing will stop.

3) taping with your tongue can also be given if you sneeze continuously.
the sneezing will stop in no time.

The wind comes out of the nose at a speed of about 100 miles per hour while sneezing.
due to this speed of the hatch, the fluid coming out of the nose can spread up to a distance of about five feet. about 2,000 to 5,000 germ-containing liquids come out of the nose and mouth through sneezing.
according to a study, if a sick person sneezes, the liquid particles secreted through his sneeze are capable of spreading about 2 million different types of viruses.

The rate of attack by these viruses depends on the ability of humans to prevent diseases.
it takes less than a second for a sneeze to
happen. can be thought of! how is such a complex task done in a second?
source: Ananda bazar



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