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Why is the head of the organization not responsible for the accident?

Accidents on roads, ships and railways are very common in this country. Similarly, murder, rape, assault, kidnapping are not uncommon. However, there is another aspect involved in both these incidents that one or more committees of inquiry were formed soon after these incidents took place and after the heat of the incident subsided, everything gradually fell into disrepair.
Why is the head of the organization not responsible for the accident?

Another trend that is particularly noticeable in this series is that soon after the events took place, the concerned authorities made some remarks which are now almost all memorized. The sentences are, “No matter who the culprit is, no one will be spared”, “The culprits will be punished quickly after investigating the incident” and so on.

Among those who uttered these last revelations are political personalities as well as senior executives of the concerned departments. Those who say these things understand that the people have no confidence in their statements. But they have to say these things as a routine responsibility and they say it accordingly. And the helpless people try to protect themselves as much as possible from these word-presses with their fingers in their ears. However, there are some statements in it, which are absolutely unacceptable. Let’s talk about the recent launch fire or rape of a woman in Cox’s Bazar. The Director General of the Department of Shipping said that action will be taken after investigating the fire in the launch.

The question is, isn’t he himself as the head of the department concerned and also the chairman of the Bangladesh Shipping Authority (BIWTA) responsible for the fire? So who are they talking about investigating? If the latter two chiefs had been responsible enough and the others subordinate to him according to the order, the launch with a capacity of 350 seats would not have been able to carry about 1000 passengers regularly from the launch dock. And since the matter is happening regularly, there is no way to avoid it as an accidental or isolated event. In fact, such irresponsibility lasts all year round. The only difference between the day of the accident and the other days is that these issues of irresponsibility do not come to the fore in other days, only they are leaked when the accident happens.

Similarly, the beaches of Cox’s Bazar are full of insecurity and unwanted disturbances throughout the year. In fact, Ashiqul Islam and his followers ruled there exclusively instead of the security forces. But members of the law enforcement seldom find them (police did not find them until December 26 after the December 22 rape). Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. The Bangladesh Tourism Corporation (BPC) was not found as the incident of rape on December 22 did not come in the media. Otherwise, in the interest of the safety of tourists, BPC has worked with any of the tourist centers of the country, or at least with whom?

In almost all the recent accidents or mishaps in various sectors and organizations like shipping, road communication, railways, tourism, city corporations, etc., the heads of the concerned organizations try to impose the blame on their junior colleagues.

The issue is not only unjust and immoral – it is also inhumane and deterrent. Because everyone from the top executive to the lowest level of an organization is actually a team, working together to achieve common goals and objectives by sharing work. In that case, each employee of the organization has different responsibilities, but the overall responsibility must belong to the head of the organization. Moreover, in terms of supervision and wear, in reality, his every work should be involved.

In this case, after the accident, the head of the organization concerned can not say that the matter will be investigated and action will be taken. It should be noted that the responsibility lies with him and will be investigated by an outsider who has nothing to do with the responsibility. And this statement is equally applicable not only to the Department of Shipping or BIWTA – but also to railways, roads, BPCs, law enforcement agencies, city corporations, etc.

And in the case of the investigation of such incidents, whatever happens on the basis of predictions, is also particularly noticeable. In most cases, investigators assume that the driver or bystanders are solely responsible. People who are close to the incident, who work under their supervision, guidance, advice and support, who hire them, by whom they are supposed to be hired, whether their superiors are doing their job properly and whether the accident happened due to that level of error and deficiency, are almost never seen. Is not.

For example: The driver who caused the accident, the investigation may have shown that he does not have sufficient skills to operate the relevant launch, truck or train. So the first responsibility in this case is those who hired him despite not having the appropriate skills.

Secondly, if there is any deficiency in the technical skills of the concerned employee even after hiring him, then it is the responsibility of the concerned employer to make him skilled with the necessary training. But whether the job is done by employers or donors, it must be scrutinized during the investigation.

On the other hand, if the employer is a government institution, then it is seen that despite the initiative to provide training, it was not possible to implement it in the end due to lack of budget allocation. In that case, I think the head of the institution must be held responsible for failing to allocate necessary funds in the budget for training and therefore the head of the institution must be held responsible in the investigation report. But unpleasant but true, investigators in this country almost never dare to blame the head of the institution for the incident under investigation.

All in all, I would say that no matter what the killings, rapes, accidents that have taken place across the country, the real problem will never be solved if the responsibility for the investigation is shifted only to the lower level powerless poor employees. The responsibilities of the heads of the institutions should also be identified in the relevant investigation. However, there is no reason to think that in the cunning culture of the state, if the investigation report identifies the faults of the heads of the institutions and blames them, that they will be punished in the end. Even then, if the responsibility had been identified, the investigation would have revealed at least the extent of the crime.

Abu Taher Khan: Writer, researcher and essayist.



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