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Work is being done in waste management: Environment Minister

Work is being done in waste management: Environment Minister

Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change. Shahab Uddin said the ministry is working hard to manage the country’s e-waste and solid waste. To this end, “E-Waste Management Rules, 2021” and “Solid Waste Management Rules, 2021” have been issued.

He was speaking at a seminar on “Current Status of the Circular Economy in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects” at the FBCCI Auditorium on Sunday (January 18th).

The Department of Environment has already adopted a 10-year action plan for plastic management and a three-year special program to stop the use of single use plastics in coastal areas, he said.

The Minister further said that maximum 40 per cent plastic waste is recycled in the country and the remaining 60 per cent plastic waste is falling on land or in reservoirs / rivers-drains / seas causing environmental pollution. 4 new projects aimed at sustainable waste management will be launched soon.

The Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling (ThreeR) Strategy for Management has been formulated for environmentally friendly waste management. Besides development in the country, we have to make efforts for conservation of environment and biodiversity and tackling climate change, said the Minister of Environment and Forests.

The Minister further said that implementation of “Circular Economy” in the country would reduce the extraction of underground and surface resources, ensure sustainable use of raw materials, reduce wastage of resources, reduce the amount of waste generated during the process and most importantly reduce climate change. It will be possible to reduce the amount of gas emissions.

FBCCI President. Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun was present as the chief guest at the seminar presided over by Jasim Uddin. Independent University Professor Dr. spoke as a panelist. Mizan R. Khan, Senior Environmental Specialist in Environmental, Natural Resources and Blue Economy Global Practice, Young Xu Ellison, Professor Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain, Department of Forest and Environmental Sciences, University of Chittagong Enamul Haque and others.



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